Recap - 2023

by Jeff Learned


I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2023 was a fantastic year, but not without its struggles. Starting in 2023, I was into my transition from the military for 8 months, with high aspirations to do more, which is why I started my company. I've always yearned for more, and in the past, I may have stalled or been hesitant to start because I needed to know the path.

My time in the military taught me not everything will be sure and things will never go as planned, but that doesn't mean you stop the mission. It means you figure it out. I've gone through the ups and downs of a first-year business, but I've continued to grind and set myself up for a fantastic 2024. Many lessons have been taught and reinforced in this concise and dynamic start to my financial autonomy and independence goals. Here are some:

  1. Never let the lack of a complete understanding or picture stop you.
  2. 40/70 rule - Never make a decision with less than 40% of the information, and never wait for more than 70% to make a decision
  3. Nothing is ever as terrifying as it seems. Your mind plays tricks on you.
  4. Confidence is developed by taking action and following through with promises you make to yourself.
  5. Unless it's an absolute "F*** YES!" don't do it.
  6. If an idea doesn't pan out, it's not a big deal; just figure out another way.
  7. It's really not as complicated as it seems.
  8. Only share your thoughts, ideas, and visions with a few; most people won't understand or care.
  9. To do what's best for others, you have to do what's best for you first.
  10. The more you can rely on yourself to do things, the less power other people have.
  11. You're more intelligent and more powerful than you think you are. Most of the advice you seek from other "Experts" you already know. There is always something to learn; just be thoughtful of who you choose.
  12. Don't believe in a sunk cost fallacy. If things aren't working in your favor, cut ties to save your money and, most of all, time.
  13. Experience is the greatest teacher.
  14. Failure isn't bad, nor does it really exist if you keep trying.
  15. Time is the most valuable commodity on this planet; it never comes back. Don't waste it on anything or anyone.
  16. Knowledge, value creation, and time are far more valuable than money.

I hope this email finds you well and helps you launch into a 2024, and that 2024 is your best year yet. If you've been thinking about starting something or transitioning into something new, do it; it is well worth it regardless of the struggles.

As always, please reach out with any questions. Have a wonderful holiday season, and I'll see you in 2024.