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As a small business coach, I bulletproof your business by solving key problems such as business strategy development, operational efficiency, leadership and team building,  productivity, communication, and mindset.

Your successful, thriving business starts here!

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There is only one way to truly bulletproof your business, with an unwavering resolve and adaptable strategies, transforming every challenge into a stepping stone towards unassailable success

Jeff Learned
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be exceptional.

So many businesses, NEVER reach their full potential.

Perhaps you wake up each day feeling that your potential is untapped, sensing that there's more you could achieve. You're swamped with the day-to-day tasks, which constantly seem to hinder your growth.

Every day seems like a battle against time and resources, leaving you reacting to problems rather than proactively building your dream. Or maybe you've achieved some milestones, yet the path to the next level seems clouded by the misconception that substantial investment is the only way forward.

In any case, you find yourself yearning for more than just mediocrity or stagnation. You're ready to break the mold, to elevate from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Now is the time to transform your business into a thriving and successful business!


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I’m Jeff Learned, As a small business coach, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you gain control of their businesses. Whether it's refining your business model, develop leaders in your organization, or boosting your bottom line, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Your successful, thriving business starts here.

Using principles from my Green Beret, Lean Six Sigma, and triple MBA, I guide you through my unique RAPID Framework to help you leverage your current resources to see new perspectives and possibilities, and streamline your operations to optimize your business environments and habits for success.

Together, we diagnose and dismantle the problems standing between you and your goals and develop processes and systems that help your business run the way it should, make you more decisive, save you time and make you more money. 

It’s time to make your business all it could be and I'm here to help you get there.

I’m Jeff.

Bulletproof your business with strategic business coaching


Together we will solve your problems with your current resources. You DO NOT need to make big investments! The results we gain will be done with NO or MINIMAL investment into new tools or software. I work with what you have, AND MAKE IT BETTER! I maximize your current resources and develop the right systems and processes, so you can stop getting derailed by curve balls and keep your business running the way it should.

I will help you use what you have, identify new opportunities, and reach higher levels of success.

You will develop the skills to:

  • Save you from making an investment you don't need
  • Increase your capacity so you can get out of the daily grind and start leading
  • Leverage every resource you have to solve your problems
  • Put out fires before they start
  • Earn the respect of your team and motivate them with a clear vision
  • Streamline every part of your business and operate more efficiently
  • Build up the confidence to make tough decisions that lead to success
  • Get your business running the way it should
  • Be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity
  • Make more money and fulfill your business’s mission

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Cam King

Maurilio A.

Maurilio A.

Jeff was able to help me see options for my business that I couldn’t see because I was too close to it. With his help, I got the blinders off, and I now see an amazing future ahead. We are expanding our business because of his keen insight and his ability to see beyond the obvious. Thank you!

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Too many leaders waste precious years and miss opportunities waiting for everyone around them to change.

But you have the power to get the outcomes you want now, by changing how you show up in your business today.

Don’t waste another minute settling for average. If you’re ready to be exceptional, I’m here to help you build a system to maximize your potential.

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